Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wait for it...

This was taken a second before River pounced on Simon.  I imagine to Simon, she came out of nowhere like a Comanche warrior.  Acts like this strengthen the legend of the alpha bun known as River, for she is wise in the ways of such things.  I'm sure if I look in her cage, I'll find a piece of hard rock candy that's not for eatin'.  It's just for lookin' through.


  1. How cute!!! I wish my Bun could have a companion, but I'm not able to care for 2x the bunny.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, two bunnies are a lot harder to keep an eye on than a lone bunny--especially when they get it in their heads to tag-team you with mischief. I swear that one will wait for the other to start getting scolded before racing into trouble themselves (usually on the other end of the house so I don't see them immediately). The cuteness is worth it, though! :)