Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Useful bunny trick!

I've been teaching Simon and River to stand up on command.  This is the first time I've done it outside of their cages and taking pictures at the same time.
I do a hand signal (a plucking upwards motion) followed by saying, "stand up pretty" (for Simon's benefit) followed by a reward treat of oats.  They both caught on pretty quickly...
Though Simon has a tendency to be a bit over-enthusiastic sometimes!
This trick is useful because:
1.  It lets you see all of their feet at the same time so you can tell when their nails need trimmed. 
2.  It also gives you a good look at them if you notice them landing wrong while playing to check if they've injured a back foot (they'd be reluctant to place weight on it) or pulled something in their back (would be unable to do the trick at all). 
3.  You can use this as an overall injury check if you notice your bunnies fighting (lets you see scratches you might not otherwise see on their underside).

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