Monday, August 25, 2014

Bunny cage cleaning drama.

Simon is not happy about me cleaning his room.  He decided that the best way to show this would be to jump into the basket we keep the litter in and stare at me accusingly...
Me:  Come on, Simon, hop out of there.  I need to clean your cage.
Simon:  No.  You stole all of my toys.  I'm not moving!
Me:  Fine, just stay out of trouble. [proceeds to clean out litterbox]
Me:  Simon, pawing at the bag is not staying out of trouble.  Stop that!
Simon:  Don't care.  It's fun.  I'll stop when you stop messing with my cage.
Simon:  All my hard work...for nothing!  I'm going to annoy you as much as you have me.
Me:  Hop out, Simon, your cage is all clean now!
Simon:  No.  You made it smell bad and touched all my toys.  Tiger bun isn't moving!
Me:  Simon... [no-nonsense tone]
Simon:  Don't want to!  I like it in here.
Simon:  If I hop out, will I get oats?
Me:  Maybe.
Simon:  Okay!
Me:  Ack!!!  Not that way--you're kicking litter everywhere!
Simon:  Don't care, I'm getting oats!

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