Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Simon saw River sizing up the distance to hop into my lap, so he raced over to try to keep his playmate safely on the couch.  Those ears crack me up--kinda looks like he was running towards her in slow-motion reaching out to stop her.  He's a good little accountabilibunny!


Camelia W said...

Haha! So did River jump, or was it a crash and bump?

Anonymous said...

Dear River S. Bun/Danger Bun,

I see that look in your eye! Now no leaping tall couches with a single bound! It would not behoove "The Candidate's" top adviser to be seen carelessly leaping to and fro. It might cause a scandal resulting in the bunstruction of the campaign.

You and Simon can each have 14.73 noogies from me via the hoomin.



Courtney said...

She actually stayed up there! Simon convinced her with a copious amount of bunny hork applied directly to the forehead. Seriously, her fur was wet by the time he was done, so he made good on his promise of giving her a good hare style if she stayed up there. :)

Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

Jumping from high places is sooooo much fun, but I see your point. Simon did promise me a good hare styling if I stayed up there, so that was nice. He really is quite talented! Have you made any headway in the bunny hork styling gel R&D?

Thanks for all the noogies!


River M. Bun
Campaign Manager Extraordinaire
aka Danger Bun