Thursday, July 14, 2016


Snuggles intensify when bunny ear hugs just aren't enough.


Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern,

I was referred here by a jolly rotund man in a bright red suit in hopes that you may find my product of some use. No it is not Santa, it is Eyem A. Weasel the noted gentleman-about-town who among other things practices Painting and Heavy Metal Ukelele. He is not very good at either one so he needs all the practice he can get (his cover videos of a popular Heavy Metal band is best heard on paper). His sartorial style isn't anything to be proud of either. I mean, a red suit with a striped belt and scuba flippers are a bit gauche but that's just one person's fashion opinion...

Anyway, allow me to introduce you to a product that I have recently invented called The De-Horker Supremo. It functions as a Bunny de-horker but made with all natural artificial Bananas. It has been known to make things shine like they were 15 years old! If this is something that would be of interest to you, please respond in the affirmative and I am sure it will reach the other rotund man in a red velvet suit (yes I mean Santa this time). After all, it is just a bit over 23 weeks before Christmas!

Yours in 'Nanas,

Alpaca D. Llama

Courtney said...

Dear Alpaca D. Llama,

We appreciate your honesty about Mr. Weasel's talents and fashion sense. Perhaps Santa could help further his career this Christmas with a couple well-placed music lessons and style books.

It seems that you are quite the sales-llama and inventor! We are intrigued by your 'all natural artificial Bananas', but we think that if you can get your De-Horker Supremo to Santa's R&D department, you could probably get things to shine as if they were even newer than this 15 years old you speak of (that's out of our reckoning as bunnies). We know Santa is already working on a line of bunny-hork hare styling products, so we're sure your invention would be a welcome addition and he may offer you a job to lead that product line!

Sincerely yours in 'Nanas,

Simon J. Bun
Presidential candidate
aka A Bun you can Trust
River M. Bun
Presidential campaign manager extraordinaire
aka Danger Bun