Monday, November 26, 2012

The Great Pellet Crisis of 2012.

What do you mean, "The pellet container is empty?!"  We can run out of pellets?!  Why weren't we informed of this sooner?
Okay, don't panic...we just need to figure out how this scoop thing works.  It can't be that hard if that incompetent human can do it.
We kind of like you, but you do understand that this can never happen again, right?
Oh the drama involved in me mixing together their timothy hay-based and alfalfa-based pellets!


TN said...

Have you given your buns wheat grass? I'm considering growing some organic wheat grass so that my Bun can chomp on.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

No, we haven't tried that. We don't really have a place to grow enough for them to eat on a regular basis in the apartment complex we're in. They do get romaine and the occasional mint, parsley and celery depending on what I'm making for dinner that week.

Hmm...I goofed up and didn't do this as a reply to you the first time around and it went in as a separate comment, which is now showing up as my name even though I deleted it and placed it here. TIL.