Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simon is still the beta bun.

River just realized how much fun pushing Simon's toy dump truck around the house is.  Mostly because she's exerting her alpha bun superiority by playing with his favorite toy.  I'm kinda surprised that she's doing it by keeping one paw on the back of it while hopping forward with her others.
Simon isn't too keen on sharing his toys with River after their latest scuffle for alpha bun supremacy.  River kept her title and Simon came away missing a small tuft of fur on his rump because he decided to be stubborn and keep chasing her.
Simon smash!  I think he's attempting to show River that she wouldn't like him when he's angry.  Too bad she is completely ignoring him today.  Attention is Simon's Achilles' heel and River exploits it for all it's worth after their dominance scuffles.
It's a good thing he's repairing his damaged pride by taking his frustrations of still being beta bun out on a toy instead of picking another fight with his sister.  Well, at least they aren't fighting now.  The saga continues...

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