Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I got tag-teamed by bunnies again!

The night is dark and full of bunnies.
This is what happens when I forget that River has taken a liking to going behind the loveseat.  She actually made it the length of the entire windowsill by the time I realized she was missing.
I kept trying to herd her out with my arm behind the loveseat and the flash of the camera.  Unlike her usual self, she actually tried to nose bonk the camera out of her way so she could explore the far end of the windowsill.
Oh yeah, and while I was shoulder deep with both arms behind the loveseat...
What's that I feel on my legs?!
Why it's Simon acting as a distraction for his sister by walking back and forth across my ankles!
That made it way more difficult to dislodge River from the windowsill without inadvertently knocking Simon off the loveseat.  You can already see the red pillow I knocked down in my attempt to extricate River.
Nothing is ever simple if it can be complicated.
After about 5 minutes, I finally managed to get River out from behind there.  This little picture of innocence is not all it appears to be (as I later found out).
What is actually going on:
River:  I totally got to the end of the windowsill before she noticed I was gone!  Your impromptu distraction worked really well, but next time I need you to be farther away from the couch so she'll have to decide which of us to scold first.
Simon:  I can do that!  What did you have in mind?
River:  Oh, I don't about something life-threatening?
Simon:  Okay!
Not 5 minutes after the last picture I swear that they both ran in opposite directions in a coordinated tag-team maneuver.
River boomeranged back to the windowsill while Simon bolted over to the power outlet and tried to either bite my computer cord or lick the socket (not sure which).  At least he isn't the deaf one of the two because I yelled, "NO, SIMON!!!" as I was running across the living room to him.  Thankfully, he stopped in his tracks and the pic here is him sliding down the wall away from the outlet.  Total guilty face.
Meanwhile, back at the windowsill...
Is that a look of triumph I detect?  At least I had the box blockade this time.
River appears to have claimed the windowsill and all surrounding lands as her personal territory.  The width of the windowsill fits her fluffy little butt perfectly and she is reluctant to be dethroned.  She's giving me this 'So there!' expression.
At this point, I figured that she needed a slight attitude readjustment.  Through the clever use of thumbs, River found herself back in her cage and that playtime was over for the evening.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Clearly, there's a reason rabbits are known for being clever and mischievous.

But why not simply cover that computer cord?

Courtney said...

Thanks and you're right! :)

Actually, that was only the second time he ever acknowledged its existence--the first he just looked at it and then hopped away completely uninterested. I usually shoo them away from any outlet if I see them pay any attention to it. Thankfully, they're pretty high off the ground and go largely ignored by both of the buns.

Usually, I have my computer set on our dining table and have the cord draped over the top of a chair so it's out of their reach. Guess I'll be keeping it unplugged while they're out from now on since he could reach it if he really tried.

I'd considered covering them when Simon and River were younger, but figured with how their minds work, that would just draw more attention to the cord itself and would invite them to chew on the casing.