Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The best laid plans...

What we have here is a failure to communicate.
Apparently, after 3 days of contentedly using the litter box for its intended purpose in her new bunny McMansion, River suddenly decided that she didn't want to go on that side of her cage anymore and made big nasty messes where her hay and food dish were.  Understandably annoyed, this was my genius attempt at keeping River's litter box where I originally intended it to go.
No, I wasn't trying to get my bunny drunk in the hopes that she would be more amenable to my plan.  It's just that the liquor bottle (filled with water) was the only thing both heavy and tall enough that when twist-tied to the cage, she couldn't knock over or move (not for lack of trying on her part, though).  My reasoning being that if she didn't have access to the corner she wanted to make into a toilet, she'd go in her litter box. 
River had other plans.
The sneaky little bun lulled me into a false sense of security by being a "good bunny" for a day, then decided to go all alpha bun on me and do what she wanted.
After a frustrating 4 day battle of wills, I had to admit defeat because she would happily stand in a lake of her own pee as if to prove a point.  She even tried to drag her litter box over to where she wanted it to go as if saying, "Hey human--do you understand me now?  How stupid can you possibly be?!"
I must admit to feeling a bit foolish after a week-long argument with a rabbit about the seemingly arbitrary placement of a litter box.  I still hold that the reason for its original placement was so that she wouldn't hang out in it all the time and stain her fur, which is just gross.  I do still chase her out of it occasionally, but she seems to have come to a truce about not sleeping in her toilet.  Baby steps.

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