Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hopping the campaign trail.

Simon J. Bun checks the height of his rainbow podium prior to his Presidential campaign fundraiser.  Clearly, the podium is unacceptable even while using his campaign manager, River, as a chair.


Annette said...

I've been curious, what does Simon's initial "J" stand for? And does River have a middle name too? Hope you're having a great week :).

Courtney said...

At first we thought that the "J" alone was fitting since Simon is so reserved and proper, we figured that he needed an initial, but it evolved into James (a suitably old-fashioned name). River's middle initial is "M" since R.M. is another way of writing 'Royal Majesty', which suits her (but it also stands for Marie, a sweet-sounding name).

Thanks! I hope you're having a great week as well. :)

Annette said...

I thought it was either James or John hahaha. Marie sounds so sweet and fitting for River :)!