Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twinkle toes.

Simon gets into the holiday spirit by performing his rendition of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Bunny.


Anonymous said...

Dear Simon and River Bun,

I shall be paying you both a visit very very soon and just wanted to check and see if you have any last minute requests?

Simon, as I said I cannot bring you the election but I have created a BPACC (Bunny Political Action Committee - Carrots) that will be responsible for your candidacy for President (including providing all the Timothy Hay in the Oval Office were it to come to that). Mirror Bun has graciously accepted the position of Committee Chairbunny to run the BPACC for you.

River, I have also gotten you extra special treats (of the tasty kind). I had it specially designed to your taste by expert Elves and wrapped in plenty of noogies. You can share with Simon if you want.

Now, tonight please make sure you, Simon, and the Hoomins are all asleep. I am very shy and do not like to be seen my anyone. Also, Mrs. Claus has been complaining about my blood work (I don't know how she knows since I haven't been to a doctor in 638 years) so instead of milk and cookies, could you please just leave out a a big pot of strong coffee and a Bacon and Salami sandwich with hot mustard and possibly a very large tube of sunscreen SPF-753 Billion? Mrs. Claus won't mind this one night (I hope) and I'll need the sunscreen as she insists on going directly to an unnamed South Pacific island for a 3-month vacation in the tropical sun. She wants me to go directly to the tropics wearing a red velvet suit...yeah...the Elves laugh behind my back I know....

Anyway, be good bunnies and have plenty of Binkies, treats, and noogies for (and from) me!



Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

You are awesome and we will make sure all of your requests are met. Little human is very pale for a human, so the sunscreen should be no problem to obtain! Rest assured that coffee and salty sandwich will be provided!

Thanks for the noogies and super duper presents and have a safe world-wide trip and have a great vacation!

Simon and River

Anonymous said...

Now that is a letter from Santa!

Courtney said...

Santa and the bunnies are bffs! :)

Annette said...

That Santa's letter made my Christmas! I hope Simon and River were in for an extra special treat :)

Courtney said...

They had a great one--lots of favorite treats and they got a collapsible cat cave to play in and a banana plushie to share! Hope you had a good Christmas too! :)