Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Binky dance!

Our happy little Simon bun busts a move!


Anonymous said...

Dear Simon and River Bun (and your hoomins),

The vacation is going swimmingly. By "swimmingly" I mean I can't wait to get out of here and back to my workshop where the temperatures aren't high enough to cook Bacon. It is so hot here by the time the waves hit the beach they're steam. The place we are staying has air conditioning thankfully but the management has politely but insistently asked that I refrain from turning the thermostat to a level reserved for refrigerating meat. Apparently the lights in town start flickering when I go below 55 Farenheit.

Mrs. Claus wanted to go dancing last night so I gladly went (okay I was dragged). I figured I would try to work in binkies just to give it some flair. Did you know that marble floors, binkies, and the Merengue do not mix? Well we had a good laugh about that after the doctor told me I didn't have a head injury...in hindsight, I don't think that person was a doctor at all; he was wearing a "lab coat" with Palm Trees and Coconuts on it and trying to get me to sign up for a Cheese of the Month subscription.

Tomorrow Mrs. Claus said we are going to do something called zip lining. I am quite hesitant after the fiasco with "Kiteboarding". I thought I was going to fly a kite from aboard a boat but noooo!

Anyway, be good buns!



Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

We completely understand your dislike of high temperatures. Perhaps make the management an offer they can't refuse concerning keeping the thermostat low. It would be a shame if a certain resort manager just happened to get coal for Christmas 10 years running, wouldn't it?

That was a bold move trying to incorporate binkies into the Merengue--especially on a slippery floor! We applaud your initiative, but maybe just stick to the bunny hop next time, okay? Also, don't trust a doctor trying to sign you up for a clinical cheese study or for one who offers you prescription cheese. No good could possibly come from that situation!

River says that zip lining sounds like fun because she'd be up high and could see for miles and miles. I do not think it would be fun for the same reasons. All four paws on the ground is fine by me!

Maybe see if Mrs. Claus will let you take turns with making the itinerary from now on. She's already had two turns, so you get to pick the next two things to do--it's only fair!

Be safe out there, Santa, and good luck with the zip lining!

Simon J. Bun
A bun you can trust!

and River M. Bun (Presidential campaign manager)