Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The great blizzard clean-up.

This was the extent of the bunnies helping us dig out from under 30 inches (76.2 cm) of snow.  They claimed lack of thumbs and the fact that shoveling sounded too much like work.  River helpfully points out what we need to use to make the snow go away while Simon shows us where we need to go.


Anonymous said...

Simon J. Bun,
30 inches of snow?? I hope you invited Santa to your house to enjoy the snow, hot chocolate and carrot (cake) in light of his recent tropical vacation.

Courtney said...

Simon would like Santa to know that he and Mrs. Claus are always welcome to visit! It's a winter wonderland here for anyone who doesn't have to shovel the snow (or has a team of magical reindeer and no need of roads). :)

Anonymous said...

We got about a quarter inch and two my buns were very excited to play in the snow and acted as little bunny snow shovels. The other 2 supervised from the couch.

Courtney said...

Aww--sounds like they all had a great time! You'll have to give them noogies for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Noogies from me and nose bonks to River & Simon from the buns. May your snow melt soon!

Courtney said...

Thanks--the noogies and nose bonks have been happily received! We should hopefully get warmer weather next week, so we're keeping our fingers crossed it'll melt the majority of the snow. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon and River (and the Hoomins too),

I saw the snowstorm on the news here and told Mrs. Claus that I wanted to volunteer to help dig you out of the fluffy white stuff. I don't think she's buying it though; she said to me, "Yeah? And who is going to dig you out when you fall on your prodigious backside and get stuck?" I swear she just wants me to go diving with the sharks again. I keep telling her that the closest I want to come to sharks is when they are on the special dinner menu at the local seafood restaurant. I'm a chubby (she calls it by a different name but for the sake of politeness I won't type it out) guy and in a wetsuit I look a lot like a Seal so I say nay nay on the shark diving!

Don't worry about the snow. It'll melt and when they do, it'll be all that closer to Christmas! That means another visit to your house (by the way, the sandwich could do with a little extra toasting next time...and a touch more hot Mustard please).

I finally tried to do binkies while doing the bunny hop. I had no idea the spine could twist like that! It looked like a strand of DNA squished by a Cactus on the X-Ray....but I'm feeling much better now and I won the dance contest. Okay I think I won; all I remember from that evening was the crowd going wild which in hindsight could be people screaming for the paramedics...but I choose to think they were cheering on my virtuosity.

I should be back in the North Pole in a few weeks. I only have about one square inch of skin left that hasn't been burned so that should be enough proof that I was thoroughly vacationed.

Be good buns and ask the hoomins to give you a nose bonk and noogies from me and Mrs. Claus.



Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

You should tell Mrs. Claus that seeing sharks would be more educational and less life threatening at the local aquarium! You can see all the sharks you want from behind 3 inch thick plexi-glass and get all the brain food you need at the snack bar...did we mention that there's air conditioning and no need for wetsuits?

Yeah, we just need to be patient about the snow. Thanks for offering to help the big and little human shovel snow, they appreciated the thought! We'll definitely make sure that the little human gets your sandwich order right next Christmas. With all the cookbooks she has, there's bound to be some culinary sandwich masterpiece in there somewhere. We could threaten to do the whole coal as a present thing if you think that would help provide extra motivation for her to improve her sandwich-making skills.

We're sure that your trophy for the dance contest win is late in getting to you because they had to get your name engraved on it. Glad you're feeling better, but you really need to try and pace yourself with the whole binky progression. You're a solid intermediate-level binky-er and adding the binky to the bunny hop is advanced-level stuff. We applaud your initiative and with a bit more practice, you'll be epic-level binkying on the dance floor by next summer!

Have fun on the rest of your vacation!

Thanks for the noogies and nose bonks--and right back at ya!


Simon J. Bun
(Presidential front-bunner)


River M. Bun
(Campaign manager extraordinaire)