Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Am I being detained?

Yes, yes you are.  Due to her prior Danger Bun antics, River is no longer allowed in the kitchen or on the stairs.  Her cage now doubles as a convenient road block!


Benny said...

What did she do?!

Camelia W said...

Awwwww she looks so cute. Poor Danger Bun. Better nibble those cane boxes in protest!

Courtney said...

In the kitchen, she kept trying to nose-bonk the house plants over or attempt to eat them, picked a fight with the Christmas cactus, and attempted to jump into the trash bin.

On the stairs, she kept trying to leap up or down an entire flight at a time and would either knock the wind out of herself on the way up or require a catcher and a hugger on her way down. She also kept eyeing the open part of the bannister on the landing as if trying to determine if she could jump over it (which, if successful, would lead to a 7 foot drop onto the tile floor in the kitchen). Danger Bun, indeed!

Courtney said...

Aww, thanks--I'll give our little trouble maker a noogie for you!

You're right, that may be Danger Bun's next mission because 1) those wicker boxes hold their litter and if she nibbled through that, it would create a huge mess and 2) the shelf that holds them is the magical gateway to the enchanted forest of expensive wires behind the entertainment center (a must-see travel destination for any adventurous little bun).

Anonymous said...

The enchanted forest of expensive wiring is a fine dining experience as well as a destination. Who knew?

Courtney said...

Hahaha it's like a foodie paradise for bunnies! Big wires, small wires, blue wires, yellow wires...there's something to tempt the tastebuds of anybun. And, if they complete the bunny foodie challenge, they get to find out that the chewy electric center tastes like purple!

Anonymous said...

Dear River S. Bun (and your alter-ego Danger Bun),

Have you been a thrill-seeking bun and scaring the hoomins and your brother the presidential candidate? I hope you are being careful and mindful. After all, if Simon J. Bun wins someone will have to stay with him in the official residence. If you are injured you won't be able to play "Hide The 'Nanas" and "Duck, Duck, Treats" with the cabinet and chief bodyguards (and noogie givers). Plus, I am looking forward to you making my Christmas sandwich (minus the fur and bunny hork) or four.

Be careful and listen to the hoomins!



Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

I admit that the siren call of adventure was just too great and I may have overhopped my bounds on the stairs, but that cactus got what it had coming to it! I'll try harder to be a good bun in the future, but could you maybe convince/coerce the little human to lighten up on the travel ban for behind the entertainment center?

Good point about Simon's presidential campaign. Oh, the heavy burden of a campaign manager! Well, after the Super Tuesday results, I think that Simon has this election in the bag. His cuteness rating is leaps and binkies above the other candidates'.

I'm getting pretty good at making sammies, though it's hard as a chef not to taste test my work. It has to be perfect!

Hope you're recovering from your vacation.


River M. Bun
aka: Danger Bun
aaka: Bunny Presidential Campaign Manager Extraordinaire