Monday, March 28, 2016


River attempted to shove her face in Simon's mouth in a bid for more grooming.  I think the poor little guy's well of bunny hork/styling gel ran dry!


Anonymous said...

Dear River Bun,

Bunny Hork/Styling Gel is an interesting concept! I have forwarded that idea to my chief of Research and Development to have it ready in 36 to 37 weeks. Also, what is this I hear about you being mischievous? Something about the back of the entertainment unit and wires?

And Simon Bun, please make sure you have your tuxedo ready in case you need to go to any inaugural balls. They like formal bun-wear at those places y'know...

Be good buns you two and I'll see you in a few weeks!



Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

Simon is the best hare stylist around (admittedly, it's a small sample size), so the bunny hork/styling gel R&D work should yield positive results for you!

Well, 'mischievous' is a pretty strong word to use. I prefer the term 'adventurous' because it better captures my fun-loving spirit and curiosity...and is generally not associated with getting coal for Christmas. So, is there any wiggle room in the mischievous judgement, or do I have to be extra good for the rest of the year to help balance this out?

Simon has a tux, but will only wear the bow tie and cuffs even though I told him that doing so makes him look like a Chippendale. He said that the jacket is too hot and has hidden it somewhere so he can't be forced to wear it. [sigh] The things I have to put up with as a bunny campaign manager!

Take care Santa and we can't wait to see you!

River M. Bun
Campaign Manager Extraordinaire


Simon J. Bun, Presidential candidate and sometimes pain in my tail because he won't wear his tuxedo jacket!