Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ready for take-off!

It's a good thing our little propeller bun's co-pilot has her seat back in its full upright and locked position.


Anonymous said...

Dear Simon S. Bun and River M. Bun,

After a long discussion with Santa, it is with profound sadness that I must inform you that as a presidential candidate, you are no longer allowed to fly yourself or by yourself using commercial aviation. Effective immediately, you must begin to use aircraft that has passed rigorous security checks for problems and errant treats. We have identified suitable aviation assets for your possible use (codenamed "Hare Force One") . We would welcome an opportunity to sit down (and binky) and have meaningful discussions with your forward campaign team about this at your earliest convenience. We will even bring lunch for all.

Yours in 'nanas,

Fly D. Plenne

Courtney said...

Dear Fly D. Plenne,

With a name like yours, we have to take your notification seriously! As Simon J. Bun's campaign manager, I happily accept your offer of a lunchtime meeting to discuss the Hare Force One situation further. Between you and me, I'm glad we will have a professional pilot from here on out--Simon's imagination can only take us so far. Perhaps we should look into having the world famous Amelia Earheart as one of the bunny pilots?


River M. Bun
Presidential campaign manager extraordinaire
aka Danger Bun

Please tell Santa we said "Hi!" and that we hope that Simon's aviation stunt did not land him on the 'naughty' list.

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