Monday, May 9, 2016

Where'd the weekend go?

Simon and River can't believe that it's Monday already.
They then blamed it on me as though I have control over the passage of time.  I'm now in time-out and have had my couch privileges revoked until further notice.  Bunnies take relaxation seriously.


Camelia W said...

Haha...look at Simon's grumpy face!

Courtney said...

Yeah, the little fella definitely isn't a fan of Mondays. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon J. Bun and River S. Bun,

I, too, find the lack of weekend to be of concern. To that end, I would like to petition that a future Simon J. Bun presidency: One, immediately adopt a 3-day weekend beginning Fridays; Two, make July 1-4 a holiday week in North America (I'm sure if you ask nicely Canada will agree to this); Three, make Bananas a tax-exempt fruit; Four, make it illegal for Santa to go on vacation to a tropical country for 3 months after he makes his rounds.

I look forward to hearing from you at your inauguration.


An Elf

p.s. in no way was I asked by the Boss to write this for him....but it doesn't hurt :)

Courtney said...

Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Elf,

We appreciate your involvement in helping Simon J. Bun give this country a brighter tomorrow! We would like you to know that all of the items in your petition sound completely reasonable to us and once elected, our new President will do everything in his power to make them a reality. We're pretty sure Congress shouldn't have an issue with the three day weekend considering they're hardly ever in town to begin with (apparently, they take relaxation seriously too). We're pretty sure we could even bundle in the part about Santa not having to vacation in the tropics--surely one of them has a nice summer home/cabin in a more temperate climate that they could share with him and Mrs. Claus (with the bonus of getting "nice" points for the Christmas name list).


Simon J. Bun
Presidential candidate & A bun you can trust!


River M. Bun
Campaign manager extraordinaire