Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In the penalty box.

River was not working and playing well with others.  Recidivism was high today because rabbitude was cranked up to 11.  Simon forgave the first episode, but decided to make a point of showing how much fun he was having while little Miss Cranky-Pants was in time-out #2.  Oh, bunnies!


Anonymous said...

Dear River S. Bun,

I received a report from yon Helpful Elf about you completing with a nod of disapproval. How he nodded via email I will never know. I told him to post it but Helpful Elf kept on saying he cannot (like I would know!).

Simon that's not becoming of a presidential bundidate. You wouldn't binky at a world summit if you saw another leader chewing on wires now would you?

Both of you be nice please!



p.s. can you ask your hoomin to look into Helpful Elf's computer problem please?

Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

After some research, the little human thinks that the comments setting was the problem so she changed it from embedded to full page so hopefully that should fix Helpful Elf's problem. Failing that, yon Elf may need to download an app to allow for commenting on Blogger and other blogs like Wordpress. Hope this helps!

You'll be glad to know that the little human scolded us both for our escalation of hostilities and we did not get treats at the end of playtime. In retrospect, if we had just followed the golden rule to begin with, we both would've had fun and gotten treats. We plan to incorporate this into Simon's campaign to show others that the world is a better place when you're nice to one another.

Sorry for disappointing you, Santa.


River M. Bun
Contrite little bunny and Presidential campaign manager extraordinaire.

Camaleao said...

These two are my most favorite bun pair of all time! All they want to do is be with each other. How am I supposed to believe that these two lovebuns fight??!! My hopes for love and world peace has been shattered!


I still love them <3

Courtney said...

Hi Camaleao!

Aww, thanks! Well, 99% of the time things are all sweetness and light between them, the other 1% is your typical sibling rivalry. The fact that they eventually kiss and make up bodes well for household (if not world) peace. :)