Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Product placement?

The best part of waking pellets in my cup!
It would seem my unconventional choice in pellet containers has Simon thinking that 'classic roast coffee' is a fancy name for pellets.


Anonymous said...

Dear Simon J. Bun,

The missus wanted me to delegate more so I have assigned an elf to check up on you and River regularly. So now I won't have to wait days before I hear of news of my bun pals. I did get a report from yon helpful elf saying he tried to post a hello message but couldn't (he uses a newfangled Apple computer) so I'm here to pass along helpfun elf's "hewwo!"



p.s. It's about 66 days before The Big Day! (no not Easter, the other big day)

Courtney said...

Dear Santa (and helpfun elf),

Hullo to you both! Yikes--sorry about the blogger comment snafu! Um...I'm not being naughty by using that acronym, am I? Anyways, I'll have my people (little human) see what's up with that for you. Hopefully we can make your delegate elf's job a bit easier assuming the kind folks at Google will work with us on it.
Yay! So looking forward to your Big Day this year!

Simon J. Bun
Presidential hopeful and a Bun you can Trust!