Thursday, March 16, 2017

A bunny with a plan.

River was in search of treats and adventure.
(This video has sound, so watch at your own discretion.)


Camelia W said...

Hahaha, love it! River you're such a go-getter. Hilarious bunnies :).

Courtney said...

Hi Camelia!

Glad you liked it! That was a definite first for River trying to use me as a human bridge. I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised that she lives by the phrase, "I will find a way or make one!" :)

Kym _ said...

Adventure bun strikes again!

Courtney said...

Hi Kym!

She likes to keep things interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear River Bun,

An anonymous tip came in about your Danger Bun antics and it was officially logged in on the "Naughty-or-Nice" List for Santa to look at this Christmas.

There is unfortunately nothing I can do to remove it as it is a permanent record with time stamps and everything. I also see that there was another issue from last week I believe. I will be going into a Planning Session with the Big Guy later today or tomorrow and I'm sure this will be discussed. Just an FYI, the third infraction automatically lands you in the "Coal" List so please be good from now on.


Helpful Elf

Courtney said...

Dear Helpful Elf,

I appreciate the head's-up on being in the danger zone of "Coal" List placement. It's so hard going against my better judgement and being good instead of adventurous! I don't see why the little (and big) human feel it necessary to keep us out of the food room. It's like they try to keep me from fun and adventure on purpose. I think Simon has bought into the whole 'bunny safety' scare tactics. :(


River Bun
(slightly unapologetic explorer of kitchens)