Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Best morning ever!

With a surprise morning tribute of banana, the Big Human secures #1 human status.  It's amazing how such a little thing can completely brighten their day.  May you all find your personal 'banana' that makes you as happy as these two!


Eugene Kolankowsky said...

Simon says "that's cool... I'll just nibble on this here cage 'till I get my piece............. I do get a piece, RIGHT?!

Courtney said...

We've learned through experience that Simon is the far more patient bun when it comes to waiting his turn for something (with a bonus of adorable beggar-bun face). Part of the reason we usually give River hers first is to prevent a catastrophic melt-down that would carry over into playtime shenanigans for daring to make an aplha-bun princess wait.