Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter out-takes.

The more props you have for a photo, the harder it is to get the shot you're looking for.  Then again, bunnies being bunnies is always worth a smile.  Here, River has dramatically taken out green and blue peep with a single ear swipe.
"I choose you!"  Simon really felt a connection to purple peep and decided to claim the little bun as his own.
Simon realizes what push-overs yellow, orange and pink peep are.  They went down like dominoes.  It was super fun!
In the end, I got a decent photo and the bunnies acquired 6 new toys.  It was a good day!


Brian J said...

Judging from that second photo, Simon must be a purple peep eater!

Courtney said...

Hi Brian!

Ack--a missed opportunity! That was a good one. :)