Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I know that look.

River has just been double bunny dared to hop onto Simon's cage by the mirror bun.  (As if she required outside encouragement.)


Brian J said...

Can she make it up there by herself in a single hop?

Anonymous said...

Dear River S. Bun,

I'm watching...



Courtney said...

Hi Brian!

Yes, easily. She's done it before, but I think she remembers that I had to rescue her because her feet fell through the bars and that has kept her from trying it again. Now, she just sizes up the jump and when she sees me shaking my head, she decides to go do something else.

Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

The cage jump is nothing but a trap cleverly disguised as adventure. No worries, she has three bunny minders to keep her on the straight and narrow!


Simon J. Bun
(Former Presidential candidate and all around good big brother.)