Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bunny chit-chat.

I was sitting on the loveseat while the bunnies were on the couch when I glanced over to find River staring at me like this.
She looked so earnest that I decided to just mirror what she was doing and see what happened.  Meanwhile, Simon is fretting on how to get down from the couch.
At this point, I began to think I must have committed some egregious bunny social faux pas when...
In actuality I had agreed to her jumping directly into my lap!
It's clear that my human-to-rabbit communication skills need a bit of fine-tuning because she almost gave me a heart attack and I very nearly dropped the camera in my haste to catch her.


Glittergun Bunny said...

How is your remote control not entirely eaten? Mine misses half of all its buttons, despite my attempts to keep it away from the buns!

Courtney said...

Sorry for the late reply!
I think ours is still intact because it's usually only in one place on our couch and Simon frets when he reaches it because he's afraid of trying to jump over it to get to the loveseat so I end up moving it to the coffee table. River would be the one we'd have to watch out for with trampling it or trying to take a nibble. :)