Friday, August 7, 2015

Super special Friday post!

Simon and River would like their friend, Will, to save them both a piece of cake and to give the happy couple a snuggle or whatever it is that humans do at weddings.
Thanks for visiting the blog and we hope you have a great weekend!  We'll be back on Monday with more bunny cuteness.


Sandun & Shivanthika (Pocket & Cuddly bunnies) said...

Thank you so much guys!!! This is so cute - it's a very special surprise for us! Have an awesome weekend. And please give a big noogie to Simon & River for us.

Shivanthika said...

This was a surprise for me. Didn't see this coming. Thanks Courtney. This is so special for us. Say hello to Simon and River !

Courtney said...

You're very welcome! Thanks and I'll definitely give them noogies for you! :)

Courtney said...

Hi Shivanthika!

I'm glad it was a happy surprise! You're very welcome and I'll give Simon and River a noogie for you! :)