Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Simon demonstrates that just because says that he can eat cabbage, it doesn't necessarily mean that he will eat cabbage (source:
He tolerated the cabbage in his mouth just long enough to chuck it into his litter box to show me exactly what he thought of trying new foods.


Annette said...

Did river like cabbage? One of my bunnies, Salt, loves romaine lettuce but Pepper hates it!

Courtney said...

Hi Annette!

No, River actually screwed her little face up in a mask of disgust when she sniffed the cabbage. I didn't know a bunny's face could be that expressive!

For the most part, they'll eat the same greens/veggies/fruits but each has their favorites. It's just a pain to get them to try something new even if you're sure they'd like it. Cantaloupe is a good example--I had to practically shove it under their noses and get a bit of the juice on their lips to get them to taste it and realize it was sweet before they stopped acting like I was trying to poison them. Silly buns!

Aww--you'll have to give Salt and Pepper noogies for me! :)