Thursday, January 26, 2017

A dangerous game.

River starts a game of freeze tag with the big human.  With her being deaf and fearless, we're constantly on the lookout for her to dart underfoot with no warning, causing us to freeze in place so she doesn't go squish.  We're pretty sure Danger Bun revels in the power she holds over us and does this on purpose.


Anonymous said...

Dear Danger Bun/River Q. Bun,


If they fall on you I will be very very displeased and in tears. I will also have to put said hoomins on my forever naughty list.

I am back from vacation. We had to cut it short since Mrs. Claus suffered a case of Tennis elbow. How she got it I don't know since she never played Tennis unless screaming at the bartender to "serve it!" Helpful Elf is no longer concussed but has a sore backside from falling off the water ski several times a day.


Santa Paws

Courtney said...

Dear Santa,

Sometimes the humans come out of nowhere, but I guess that I really can't expect them to know where I'm going since I don't either. It is hilarious to see the looks on their faces as they jerk to a stop (sometimes grabbing the wall or a piece of furniture to keep their balance)! I guess I take my humor where I can find it, but I'll try to be nicer to the lumbering humans.

I hope Mrs. Claus and Helpful Elf feel better soon. Sorry you had to cut your vacation short since it seems like you were actually getting to relax with your Helpful Elf stand-in. Maybe you could convince Mrs. Claus to have a stay-cation if you and the elves build her a tiki bar. I'm just sayin' there's no chance of water sports when the pond is frozen, ya know?

aka: Danger Bun!