Monday, January 16, 2017

Where's River?

This is the look of a mighty hunter stalking her prey.  One well-timed jump and she will scare the bejeezus out of Simon, thus securing her alpha status over the living room.  River may be deaf, but she is sneaky!


Anonymous said...

Dear River Bun,

Please do not scare Simon! Remember he did break you out of that hospital and incurred the wrath of Parliament. Besides, Kaylee has a big crush on him and she'd be sad if Simon were unnecessarily discombobulated.


Helpful Elf

p.s. The Concussion is gone. I just have a case of wicked sunburn and Santa only gave me 1 tube of sunscreen. I'm going to be peeling like a Potato Factory during French Fry week.

Courtney said...

Dear Helpful Elf,

Hmm...perhaps this is the last time I take Jayne's advice on how best to control the living room.

I'm glad you're finally feeling better! Maybe I can send you some of the little human's SPF 10,000,000 sunblock. I'm pretty sure if I can coat her in enough of my fur, she won't need it anymore and everybun will know that she belongs to me (win-win).

River M. Bun