Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bunny disbelief.

Who stole our carpet?!
After a little while, River discovered that towel surfing across the new floor was super fun.  Simon remained inconsolable and needed a hug...and an area rug (he got both).


Benny said...

Can they still binky and play predators on the towels?

Courtney said...

Hi Benny!

The towels have become their own personal slip-n-slide, which they both seem to enjoy. We now have an area rug, a runner and a smaller rug by the door that cover a good bit of the living room. I also found some carpet remnants left by the old landlord and cleaned them up for extra safe areas for Simon and River to run and binky on. It works but definitely gives the living room a patchwork appearance while the bunnies are out.

As renters, we didn't get a say in what type of flooring the new landlord put in (or when in our lease they would do it...which made for a fun long weekend of musical bookshelves and everything else in that room). I think it was an even longer weekend for Simon since the little fella doesn't handle change very well. We're just glad we have a floor now! :)