Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bun shui.

River proudly shows off her master home decorating skills by placing her food dish (with pellets) inside the oat container.  She thinks it really ties the cage together.


Annette said...

Hahaha she looks proud indeed! How did she do that?!

Courtney said...

Hi Annette!

I'm not really sure. I heard a loud thump and assumed she had flipped her food dish over so I went to investigate and saw this. I guess she must have grabbed the corner of the dish and flung it into the oat container because you can see some spilled pellets inside of it. River was having a "this goes here" moment.

I've actually noticed some of her toys ending up inside the oat container this week too. Our little decorator bun! :)

Sonja Barnes said...

Hi! How long have you had ur bunnies? I have a 6 yr old, named Ernest T. :)

Courtney said...

We've had Simon and River since they were almost 3 months old, and they'll be 4 years old this December 18. Aww, you'll have to give Ernest a noogie for me! :)