Thursday, July 13, 2017

Partners in crime.

Simon is awfully suspicious of what will happen after successfully pulling off this pellet heist.  Does River intend to split the loot 50/50 or will she claim it all for herself? 


Brian J said...

They're a regular Bunny & Clyde!

Courtney said...

Hi Brian!

LOL! Too true. Though you'll be happy to know that Simon and River's attempted crime spree ended far better. They just got some noogies and I moved their pellet container out of reach after realizing they really were attempting to chew the lid off of it.

Mónica López said...

Those sneaky little buns!

Courtney said...

Hi Mónica!

They really are. I'm just glad that River didn't try to turn it into a danger-sneak by using the pellet container as a launching pad onto Simon's cage.