Monday, July 16, 2012

River the Explorer

What kind of shenanigans can I get into while the little human isn't looking?  Oh, I know...I'll explore behind the entertainment center where they keep all those tasty wires!
How did she know I'd jump up here?!  That was totally worth getting in trouble for!
It's annoying how she keeps catching me.  Why can't she understand how completely awesome it is back there?!  She must be jealous she can't climb back there herself.  Maybe there's a better way to get back there without her seeing me.
Hmm...stupid box fan is in the way.
Okay, well that was just embarrassing...she's laughing at me now.  How was I supposed to know that the back of this part was solid?!
You're a worthy adversary, but you can't watch me while you clean my cage. Tomorrow, the back of the entertainment center will be mine!

River scared the heck out of me the other day while I was cleaning her cage out.  I glanced up and couldn't see her anywhere and then I heard a rustling and a thump as she knocked over a photo album on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center.  I think I broke a land-speed record bolting over to the entertainment center to pull out the photo albums and scoop River up before she discovered what electricity tasted like.  I ended up with a little dust bunny who promptly sneezed on me and stuck her tongue out as if she just sampled something gross (thankfully, the wires were intact).  I wasn't sure how she got back there, so I decided to watch her to see the route she took.  She became a furry little boomerang, immediately trying to get back there.  I snapped these pics as I thwarted her efforts.  I believe I'll have to bring the baby gate out of retirement for this little explorer.

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