Monday, July 30, 2012

Simon making River's fur look fabulous!

Simon has decided that it is cleaning time.  River is patiently tolerating it for now.
Tired of the impromptu bath, River hops away to play with some toys.  Simon disagrees with bath-time being over (I can only assume he thinks her fur is just atrocious).  Two minutes later, Simon is still licking the same spot.  You'd think he'd have dry mouth by now, but he's still going strong!
At this point, River is resigned to the fact that Simon isn't going to stop licking her head until all of her fur is wet with bunny hork and sticking up in all directions.  Perhaps Simon really just wants to be a hare stylist when he grows up.  Yeah, sorry about the pun but I couldn't help myself after seeing the spiky up-do he gave River.
Turn about is fair play!  River is far more A.D.D. when it comes to grooming Simon.  She cleaned his fur for all of 10 seconds before getting distracted by the flashy-thing in my hands and trying to crawl up on my lap to investigate.  No pics for that one because she tried to lick the camera lens and I had to get it out of her overly-curious reach.


Meagan said...

Looks like bonding is going really well! Mutual grooming is pretty much bunny-speak for "I love you". Will you be moving them to a new cage soon to accommodate both of them?

Courtney said...

Funny you should mention that. We did try that a couple of days ago and I'll regale you with that story in a post later this week or early next week.