Monday, July 16, 2012

Simon the Uncertain

Oh, what is that?!  Better creep up on it.
Yep, still scary from this angle too.
More new stuff!  I'll creep up on them too...the vertical blinds should protect me or provide a useful distraction if the big blue things attack.
Day has gained a flap of some kind and looks different...still uncertain.
 The big blue things seem to be gone, but they might be hiding outside.  I'll creep up to the door just to make sure.  Nature is scary too.

Poor Simon was having a rough time of it with all of the new changes to his environment just after the big power outage we had--empty coolers being dried out, bottled water, the sound of crickets and frogs outside.  He has to be the most cautious bunny we've ever had.  He even does his creeping up thing on toys he's had for months if you do something like rearrange where they're placed during playtime.

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